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King County Takes Miska the Tabby Cat to Federal Court

King County files Notice of Removal in Federal Court, which Danieli’s Attorneys Claim is Premature and Frivolous.


On Friday, March 5th, 2021, the King County Defendants filed a Notice of Removal to the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. With this one filing, King County has essentially made a federal case of the lawsuit involving Miska, the brown tabby cat from Bellevue. King County’s Notice of Removal comes while a number of motions were still pending in Pierce County Superior Court before Judge Timothy Ashcraft, as well as an appeal in the Court of Appeals, Div. 2. 

Attorneys for Anna Danieli, Miska’s owner, have put both King County and the Superior Court on notice that this recent filing was both untimely and legally baseless filing in the Federal Court. “This was clearly a legally frivolous action taken by the King County Defendants,” stated attorney Jon Zimmerman, one of Danieli’s attorneys.  “The Superior Court has not even been given the opportunity to make a decision about [Danieli’s] requested amendment to her complaint, and the King County Defendants are making filings in federal court with zero legal basis.”  Based on filings with the Federal Court, the other defendants, City of Bellevue, and the King County Hearing Examiner have consented to the Notice of Removal.

Danieli’s attorneys are expected to respond to King County’s Notice of Removal in the U.S. District Court, where the case has been assigned to Chief Judge Ricardo S. Martinez.

Notice of Removal (Federal Court) (02-05-2021)

Letter to Superior Court (03-15-2021)

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