About Possinger Law Group


Possinger Law Group is a boutique law firm dedicated to elite levels of service to small and medium sized businesses and the individuals that own them. As a law firm founded in the Pacific Northwest, Possinger Law Group has local roots, even as its practice has regional, national, and international reach. Since 2001, Possinger Law Group has become the trusted legal counsel to hundreds of clients, including business organizations, individuals, and families.

Possinger Law Group creates value for its clients by providing sound legal advice coupled with creative and practical solutions for clients facing high-stakes and complex problems. Possinger Law Group serves its clients by having a thorough understanding of the law, its clients’ goals, and the current environment.

When faced with serious problems, clients have reached out to Possinger Law Group to be a trusted advisor and advocate to be a guide through high conflict situations and complex legal challenges. In litigation matters, Possinger Law Group works with its clients to effectively resolve disputes, and when necessary, by being fiercely aggressive in litigation.


At Possinger Law Group, we strive to live our values through the service we provide our clients, and how we conduct ourselves with others, including other professionals and the parties involved; and the legal system. We believe that we can provide zealous advocacy, while still maintaining the dignity ourselves, our clients, and others, and seeking a just solution. Our values are interrelated.

  • Creating Value for Clients.
  • Candor.
  • Integrity.
  • Courage.
  • Respect.
  • Trust.