Business Law

Owning an operating a business is not easy. This is especially true for a small business. Businesses of every size must adapt to both competition at home and abroad as well as a changing legal and regulatory environment. Business owners must continually evaluate business and personal risks that are associated with their decisions and activities. Small business owners put great value in those law firms that can provide advice grounded in both practical experience and a thorough understanding of the law.

Our business clients rely on Possinger Law Group to provide sound counsel and legal guidance for their businesses. Our firm’s clients include a range of different businesses, including start-ups, closely held and family run businesses of various sizes. These clients are involved in a wide array of industries, including technology, internet, manufacturing, construction, and distribution just to name a few.


General Counsel Services

Possinger Law Group’s General Counsel Services provide business leaders with the strategic legal counsel to help guide and advise our clients through the various issues that will come up in the life of the business leader. For more information for General Counsel Services, please click here.

Starting and Managing a Business

Possinger Law Group assists its clients in the selection and formation of the most suitable legal structure for their client’s business, whether this is a partnership, corporation or limited liability company (LLC); or other appropriate business entity. Our affiliated PLF Corporate Services, LLC, provides Corporate Formation and Registered Agent Services.
Once formed, Possinger Law Group advises its clients on the legal issues surrounding ownership, control, and management of the business, including advice to boards of directors, managing shareholder agreements and the raising of capital.

Contract Negotiation and Maintenance

Possinger Law Group assists its clients with preparing for negotiations, reviewing and negotiating contracts, and assisting clients with the process of contract management over the lifecycle of the business.

Possinger Law Group works with its clients to prepare shareholder agreements, distribution and supply agreements, licensing agreements, employee agreements, non-compete agreements, and agreements for the purchase and sale of a businesses.

In addition, Possinger Law Group assists its clients are contracts structuring joint ventures, strategic alliances, and other business arrangements.

Intellectual Property

In today’s economy, every business has intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrighted materials. This can include software as well as trade secrets and business knowhow that forms the value of the business.  Legal advice to secure and protect those legal rights are often key to maintaining the value of the business.

Real Estate

Whether it is at the core of the business or not, every business will deal with issues related to Real Estate, either the purchase and sale of real estate or lease agreements.  Possinger Law Group assists clients with the evaluation of purchase and sales agreements, leases, and other real estate related transactions.


Successfully managing employment relationships are key to the success of any business; whether through compliance with the development of appropriate employment policies, compliance with employment regulations to having the proper contracts associated with every stage of the employment process from hiring to termination.  Possinger Law Group advises its clients on the formation and enforcement of employment, non-compete, and other employment related agreements.

Government Regulation and Compliance

Effectively and efficiently navigating the often complicated maze of laws and regulation that face businesses, Possinger Law Group helps its business clients steer clear of problems before they arise and when necessary address problems when they do.
For companies in the technology field, compliance with data privacy and security regulations are essential, especially companies that work in the United Kingdom and in Europe. In the event of a data breach, Possinger Law Group has advised its clients through every stage of evaluation, response, and recovery.
Possinger Law Group monitors changes in the relevant law and regulatory environment and advises its business clients on the proper course of action or response.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Whether a business likes it or not, disputes will arise in any business. These can be related to disputes with vendors to disputes with employees; in any case, Possinger Law Group has you covered with sound legal advice and zealous representation. For more information about how Possinger Law Group can assist you with litigation or other dispute resolution services, please click here.

Buying and Selling a Business / Mergers & Acquisitions

Growing your business as well as selling out is one of the key milestones for growth and liquidity events for business owners. Possinger Law Group works with its clients and other professionals to plan, negotiate, and execute merger, acquisition, as well as other business relationships such as joint ventures and strategic partnerships among others.

Succession and Transition Planning

Planning for a strategic exit to the business is as an important decision as to the proper formation and management of the business. In addition, to business specific succession and transition planning; having these plans in place are typically part of Possinger Law Groups larger estate plans. For more information about estate planning services, please click here.


Since being founded in 2001, Possinger Law Group has represented hundreds of clients, including business clients in many different industries and business sectors, some of these include the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Land Developers
  • Technology
  • Start-Ups Companies
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Professional Services
  • Trade Associations

Possinger Law Group has extensive relationships with other professionals in various fields in the North America and around the globe, including legal, accounting, finance, forensics, investigations, as well as experts in specific fields. Depending on the complexity of a client’s issues, Possinger Law Group has these resources available at our disposal to create value for our clients.