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Miska The Cat

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Miska the Cat Secures $125,000 Settlement from Bellevue, King County

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON After years of litigation, Possinger Law Group and the Law Offices of Jon M. Zimmerman are pleased to share that we have reached a settlement for our client in Danieli v. King County, et al.. In addition to a $125,000 settlement award, King County and the City of Bellevue have agreed to engage in discussions with Anna Danieli regarding her experience and recommendations for policy improvements. Alongside our client, Possinger Law Group and the Law Offices of Jon...
Miska The Cat, News

Judge Rules that City of Bellevue Remains Vicariously Liable in Danieli v. King County, et al.

In another major win for their client, the legal team for Anna Danieli has successfully argued that Bellevue’s agreement with King County left them vicariously liable. TACOMA, WASHINGTON Marking another crucial moment in Anna Danieli’s case against King County, the Honorable Timothy Ashcraft of Pierce County Superior Court has ruled that the City of Bellevue can remain liable for allegedly unlawful action taken against Ms. Danieli by King County. In an attempt to remove itself from the case, representatives for...
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Federal Judge Remands Danieli Case to State Superior Court

Ruling brings some clarity to Miska the Cat’s ongoing case, but the impact of King County’s incorrect action remains. TACOMA, WASHINGTON After its removal and brief presence in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, Danieli v. King County, et al. has been remanded to Pierce County Superior Court by federal court Judge Ricardo Martinez, the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. While this ruling brings some clarity...
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Danieli Seeks Court Sanctions Against Government Defendants

Attorneys for Danieli Claim that the King County Defendant’s Notice of Removal was Legally Baseless, and that the Federal Court should impose Court Sanctions. TACOMA, WASHINGTON Almost two months after initially taking Miska, the brown tabby cat’s case to federal court, the King County Defendants have reversed course and now filed a Motion to Remand, in an attempt to return the case back to State Court.  Plaintiff Anna Danieli, who is the owner of Miska, who is at at the...
Miska The Cat, News

Danieli Legal Team Welcomes Marla Zink as Appellate Counsel

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Since obtaining a declaratory judgment with injunctive relief and prevailing in Pierce County Superior Court against their government defendants, Anna Danieli and her cat, Miska, have begun the process of filing an appeal. This appeal opposes the court’s recent decision to deny Ms. Danieli attorney fees, despite her success in proving that the City of Bellevue had acted unlawfully by way of not updating their code to reflect a contract agreement with King County. To support Danieli’s efforts...