Homestead Golf Course Litigation

Background of Lawsuit

Homestead Farms is a residential golf course community made up of over 600 homes, located in rural Lynden, Washington. The case, which was originally filed in May 2020, was initiated by a group of 11 homeowners who were unhappy with an increase in the monthly maintenance fees to maintain the golf course and residential common areas. Although many Homestead Farms community members have said the monthly fees are an appropriate cost of sharing the benefits of a maintained golf community, the class action attorneys and their clients disagreed and obtained certification to bring suit as a class action against the owner of the golf course property, 18 Paradise, LLP and the company that was under contract to manage the golf course and residential common areas of the community, MJ Management, LLC. A number of the community members have opted out of the litigation, some of which entered into the lawsuit as intervenors in early 2023.

Litigation surrounding the Homestead Farms Golf Course and over 600 of the homeowners of this exclusive neighborhood in Lynden has been dragging on over three years.

About MJ Management

MJ Management had managed the golf course under the (d/b/a “Homestead Farms Golf Club”) since 2017. Founded by owner Mick O’Bryan and his business partner, Joshua Williams, the company had operated under a lease and management agreement with 18 Paradise to run the golf course and provide maintenance services to the Homestead Farms residential common areas.

O’Bryan has been connected to Lynden and the golf course in various capacities for nearly 31 years. O’Bryan and his family live near the golf facility.

Updates on Lawsuit

A jury trial before Judge David Freeman in Whatcom County Superior Court had previously been set to begin on September 6th of 2023, but with the appearance of new counsel for MJ Management at a hearing on August 4, 2024, the trial date has been postponed to April 30, 2024.

Due to the financial impacts of the protracted litigation, including the non-payment of monthly assessments by residents, on August 1, 2023, MJ Management was evicted from the golf course and golf course operations have ceased. Because of the eviction, MJ Management removed its equipment from the site, which included all the equipment for golf course operations and maintenance of the residential common areas. This most recent development is likely to complicate the already complex litigation even further.

About Attorneys for MJ Management

MJ Management, Mick O’Bryan and Josh Williams are represented in this case by Jeffrey Possinger, of Possinger Law Group, PLLC from Woodinville, Washington, and attorney Reid Meyers from Anacortes. Both lawyers bring to this case extensive experience with complex and high-stakes (or high-profile) litigation. Mr. Meyers has significant experience in the golf industry.


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